How To Balance A New Diagnosis: Down Syndrome

When an error in cell development results in 47 chromosomes — rather than 46 — the extra gene interferes with normal brain and body development. This chromosome abnormality, referred to as Down syndrome, occurs in about one out of every 700 births, according to BabyCenter. Children with Down syndrome experience […]

Guest Blog: So, Your Baby Has Down Syndrome

In support of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we are happy to present this guest post from Teresa Unnerstall. She is a parent of Nick who is 20 years old and has Down syndrome and autism. Teresa is a writer, speaker and advocate. She is currently working on a memoir about […]

#WearYourPride In June: Blog To Support LGBT Pride!

On June 2, President Obama released an official proclamation declaring June “Pride Month.” This entire month is dedicated to raising awareness of discrimination and violence against the LGBT community. Much of the discussion surrounding LGBT issues revolves around politics. But we at Social Work License Map want to make the […]

Mindfulness Meditation in Therapy

Originally developed as an extension of Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies, mindfulness meditation cultivates awareness of thoughts, emotions and sensations in the here and now. Instead of rehashing the past or projecting into the future, a person who is practicing mindfulness focuses on the present moment and is open and […]

Mental Health Statistics All Social Workers Should Be Aware Of

Mental and emotional wellness are primary concerns of working social workers around the globe. While it is important to recognize the needs of those coping with mental illness year-round, we recognize May as Mental Health Month in order raise awareness, educate, and fight stigma around mental illness. We have compiled […]

The National Campaign Raises Teen Pregnancy Awareness

Although teenage pregnancy in the United States has declined dramatically over the past two decades, the nation’s teen birth rate is still higher than in other developed countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. Teenage pregnancy statistics show that nearly 3 in 10 girls will become pregnant at least once […]