Health Disparities And Social Work

Learn about the role social workers play in addressing health disparities, and helping clients from lower socioeconomic classes access their available resources.

The Treatment Of Physical Illness In People With Mental Illness

Although there have been quite a few advances in the treatment of medical and mental health conditions in recent years, individuals with mental illness still receive less than sufficient medical care in many settings. This is where social workers can help: as advocates for a population that is not receiving the type of medical care that they need.

The Affordable Care Act And Social Work

Learn about how the Affordable Care Act impacts social work and the changes social workers can expect when advocating for clients who were previously uninsured

The Social Work Reinvestment Act

The Social Work Reinvestment Act is a crucial piece of federal legislation designed to improve the quality of social work in America. Read on to learn more!

Celebrate Social Work Month

March is Social Work Month and a time to join in celebrating how the country’s 650,000 social workers are fortifying families, communities and our nation.

Does Violent Media Influence Violent Behavior?

Does exposing children to violent media increase the potential for violent behavior? While there is no easy answer, we're providing an overview of the debate.