Social Work And Networking For The Greater Good

One of the most common struggles that new social workers face is the reality of providing social services in communities with few resources. Though it is uncommon to come into the social work field with the expectation of working with limitless funding and staffing, it is disappointing to realize few […]

New DSM-5 Receives Praise And Criticism

DSM-5 is the most recent version of the original manual and the first revision since 2000.

Meeting The Needs Of LGBT Families

LGBT families not only have limited access to a range of health services, health insurance and equitable tax treatment offered to heterosexual married couples, but they also face stigma and discriminatory laws that make raising children more difficult.

Technology And Social Work Education

Anyone who has been in a classroom in recent years, either as a teacher or a student, knows that technology has changed the nature of education.

A Year For Equality: LGBT Victories Of The Past Year

The last 12 months have seen major victories for the LGBT community, bringing them closer to equality. Check out this moving recap of this year's LGBT victories.

Mental Health Month

Since 1949 May has been observed as national Mental Health Month, an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health. Learn more with Social Work License Map