Announcing Inspired Advocates!



Welcome to Inspired Advocates, our new resource dedicated to creating awareness and community for the best social justice sites on the web! We have created a compilation list of blogs and extensively ranked them so that we can provide you with useful resources for whichever social work related topic you are researching. Whether you are looking for a blog on mental health, poverty and resource allocation, abuse, addiction, bullying, equality, family or military related social work issues, Inspired Advocates is the place to find what you’re looking for. We also have blogs designed specifically for social workers full of insight and tips from fellow professionals.

Through Inspired Advocates we want to make sure there is a place where social workers, their patients and advocates for change can find dependable resources. With so many blogs out there, it can be difficult to find blogs that you want to return to and read every week, so we have used algorithms to help. This way, when you need information, you can go to one place and know that you will find frequently updated quality resources with a high domain authority and reliable content. With Inspired Advocates, we also aim to reward dedicated bloggers for making great contributions to the world of social work by bringing their sites even more visibility. The knowledge and perspective that is being brought to the table through these blogs deserves acknowledgement.

As far as submissions go, we are looking for sites that fit into a variety of categories. The blogs can either give a social work specific perspective on the category or give insight and news related to the issue that patients would find usable. The categories that we look for are as follows:

  • Abuse: blogs about domestic, child, elder or sexual abuse or human trafficking.
  • Addiction: blogs about alcohol drug, prescription medication, sex, gambling and other addictions.
  • Administration: blogs addressing grant writing, program planning, advocacy and social policy.
  • Bullying: blogs addressing the issue of bullying and how to deal with it.
  • Children/Family: blogs that address adoption, foster care, divorce, family relationship issues and other family issues relevant to social work.
  • Community Organization, Planning and Administration: blogs that deal with community improvement, including urban development, school improvement, business development and social work advocacy.
  • Crisis/Trauma/Grief/Death: blogs that address traumatic events and their effects on victims, as well as provide communities and resources that can help.
  • Equality: blogs that advocate for and provide news regarding all forms of equality, including racial, gender, LGBTQ, class, housing, age and ability equality, as well as immigration reform.
  • Health: blogs about health insurance access, diseases, disabilities and sexual health.
  • Mental Health: blogs that deal with mental illness, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, behavioral disorders, serious and persistent mental illness and other mental health topics.
  • Military: blogs on PTSD, trauma, disability, and other issues that military workers endure, specifically targeted toward a military audience.
  • Older Adults: blogs that deal with the issues of later life such as exploitation, Alzheimers and other diseases, and nursing homes.
  • Poverty/Resource Management/Allocation: blogs discussing the implications of poverty and homelessness, spreading awareness of poverty, or executing initiatives to help those who are hungry or provide information on where to get food.
  • Social Policy: blogs that discuss social policy.

The submission process starts when a reader such as yourself submits a relevant blog. After a blog is submitted, a moderator reviews the site for relevancy and then ranks using an algorithm that measures audience engagement, post frequency, domain authority and more. After this, the site is added to the Inspired Advocates list in a spot that reflects its ranking. Rankings are 40% based on social media engagement, 20% on how frequently the blog is updated, 20% on domain authority based on the amount of sites linking to the blog, and 20% based on subjective factors such as capacity to inform and site presentation.

Now that you know who we are and how we work, please check out our list of blogs! Furthermore, if you or someone you know has a blog that you wish to contribute please submit your site to Inspired Advocates. All efforts to grow this great resource are very much appreciated. Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy!