Resources for People Impacted by a Suicide Attempt and Suicide Loss

Social Work License Map joins the difficult but necessary conversation about suicide and offers resources to those who may have been impacted.

‘Warmlines’: A Place to Call for Connection and Support

While hotlines help people in crisis, warmlines offer people in need of emotional support a place to turn to.

Resource Guide for Coping with Secondhand Trauma

Secondhand trauma can impede the work of social workers and others who provide critical care. Here are ways to help cope with the condition.


We Help is a monthly podcast brought to you by Social Work License Map. Each episode on We Help has its own theme and multiple acts. It focuses on the daily lives of social workers everywhere and their impact on the current topics in social work today […]

The “Look” Body Language Challenge

This post is brought to you by Michael J. Domitrz in conjunction with #WeStandUp: Social Workers for Survivors of Sexual Assault. Michael J. Dormitz is one of the leading experts for transforming our sexual culture to one being built on consent and respect. For over two decades, educators, military, families, […]


Art Exhibit “#WeStandUp: Social Workers For Survivors Of Sexual Assault” Recap & Gallery

On April 25th, 2016, SocialWorkLicenseMap and Crossing Point Arts launched a campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month called #WeStandUp! Arly Nguyen, and her fellow colleagues, collected untold stories of social workers and the unique impact that they have on survivors. What started out as a small project became an unforgettable […]